PBGP Junior Summer 2020 – ORIENTEERING

To help alleviate Summer Holiday boredom and keep our Juniors active we’ve teamed up with Pendle Forest Orienteers to create some courses/hunts in our local parks!

Towneley Park, Burnley, BB11 3RQ
Alkincoats Park, Colne, BB8 9SF
Letcliffe Park, Barnoldswick, BB18 5HE
(Letcliffe Park course is still being designed and we will post an update with the map once done)

There are two courses at each location – a short course around 2-3km and a long around 4-5km.

They are timed events but please treat them with a bit of fun with your Juniors and enjoy exploring the parks as you make your way through the numbered checkpoints.

There are two ways to take part: you can download the attached maps and manually time yourself or you can download a fab app called MapRunF which will track your location and ‘punch’ you in at each control.

The attached guidance gives you details on how to use the app. Once loaded, you simply head to the start.

Apple Store:
Android Play Store:

More help on understanding the maps can be found here :

I will post an update mid-August with those who have completed so far and a full list of finishers at the end of August, so plenty of time to do them.

Once done, email us at with
– your Juniors name and category
– your time (a photo of stopwatch, a link/screenshot of Strava/Garmin or screenshot of the MapRunF)
– any photos of you all having fun you’d like to share!

Alkincoats and Towneley are also both part of the local Virtual Orienteering Competition for Pendle School Sport Partnership so if you’d like to enter the competition, head over to to register.

Any queries please get in touch with us….. Enjoy!

PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – RACE 2

Now you’re off to a start, the second race in the PBGP Junior Summer Series 2020 is TRAWDEN!!

With many private fields around the Recreation Ground that we get special permissions to use, this one will stick to the Rec field. All start and finish near to the Rec Pavilion, sticking as far right and to the walls as possible.

U7s & U9s – you are doing ONE lap of the Rec field 0.8k

U11s & U13s – you are doing TWO laps of the Rec field 1.6k

U15s & U17s – you get the short straw…. FIVE laps of the Rec field 4k – don’t lose count!!

Categories are based on age at 31st Dec 2020, a guide is attached to work out from date of birth

Racing starts MONDAY 3rd AUGUST and ends SUNDAY 9th AUG.
Once done, email us at with

  • your Juniors name and category
  • a photo of stopwatch or a link/screenshot of Strava/Garmin or other
  • any photos of your Junior running you’d like to share… Club vests very welcome!

Any queries please get in touch with us….. Enjoy!

PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – Towneley Results

Eleanor ReederGU9Trawden AC00:03:57
Darcie BelshawGU9Trawden AC00:03:59
Millie LeeGU9Trawden AC00:04:25
Emma RobertshawGU11Trawden AC00:08:25
Ruby CleaverGU11Rossendale Harriers00:09:12
Alice CarrGU11Rossendale Harriers00:09:42
Summer FitzpatrickGU11Barlick Fell Runners00:09:57
Louise LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:11:23
Kristel LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:12:00
Jessica GizonGU11Burnley AC
Eliena LustyGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:08:11
Lottie Grace SmithGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:08:16
Aggie TaylorGU13Trawden AC00:08:22
Georgia TregayGU13Burnley AC00:09:20
Zoe GreenGU13Burnley AC00:09:28
Tamzin OsborneGU13Trawden AC00:10:19
Charlotte RobertshawGU15Trawden AC00:14:29
Isabel HoltGU15Trawden AC00:15:00
Sianna SmithGU15Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:15:01
Gemma KennifordGU15Trawden AC00:19:02
Erika CornsGU15Burnley AC00:19:11
Abby StrattonGU17Blackburn Harriers00:13:52
Jack MitchellBU9Trawden AC00:03:33
Saul BraithwaiteBU9Trawden AC00:03:53
Magnus TaylorBU9Trawden AC00:04:55
Harry RobertsBU11Barlick Fell Runners00:08:03
Noah RussellBU11Trawden AC00:09:35
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale Harriers00:10:50
Finn TweedBU11Todmorden Harriers00:11:03
Max JordanBU11Trawden AC00:11:06
Joshua BlackledgeBU11Trawden AC00:11:18
George FitzpatrickBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:07:55
Joel FitzpatrickBU13Trawden AC00:07:57
Will PeaseBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:08:00
Harry JordanBU13Trawden AC00:08:39
George CamaraBU13Trawden AC00:09:02
Charlie ReederBU13Trawden AC00:09:50
George MurphyBU13Burnley AC00:09:52
Stan StephensonBU15Blackburn Harriers00:13:25
Oliver BrownBU15Trawden AC00:14:01
Tristan FitzpatrickBU15Trawden AC00:14:51
Ben StrattonBU15Trawden AC00:15:02
Callum OsborneBU15Trawden AC00:16:48
Caleb TregayBU15Burnley AC00:17:00
Connor FitzpatrickBU17Barlick Fell Runners00:16:07
Nathan GreenBU17Burnley AC00:16:09

PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – RACE 1

Here we go Juniors… Our first race to get the PBGP Junior Summer Series 2020 going is TOWNELEY!!

A huge thank you to Jason Pier for putting the courses together. They are very straightforward and off the normal paths of the Park so something to really get into. All start and finish at the gate near the Changing Rooms.

U7s & U9s – you are doing ONE BLUE LAP of the field. Parents, you should be able to see them at all times from the field. Please ensure any U7s are accompanied all the way round for safety.

U11s & U13s – you are doing ONE RED LAP then ONE BLUE LAP. Make sure you DON’T go over the bridge on the map.

U15s & U17s – you are doing TWO YELLOW LAPS that also takes you into the woods (near the bridge)

Categories are based on age at 31st Dec 2020, a guide is attached to work out from date of birth.

Racing starts MONDAY 27th JULY and ends SUNDAY 2nd AUG.

Once done, email us at with:
– your Juniors name and category
– a photo of stopwatch or a link/screenshot of Strava/Garmin or other
– any photos of your Junior running you’d like to share!

Any queries please get in touch with us….. Enjoy!

PBGP Juniors Summer 2020

Whilst its been a difficult past few months for everyone, for our Junior runners I’m sure its been a confusing and even more difficult period for them.

We’ve decided to put together a series of activities for the Juniors over the Summer period; by no means a replacement for the camaraderie and excitement of racing with their peers, we hope it gives the Juniors (and Parents too!) something to do locally and keep the fitness up.

The 2020 Juniors Summer Series will consist of six events: three virtual races on actual courses in a set week and three orienteering courses (or treasure hunts!) to be completed at any time.

The series will be based on trust and try to be as inclusive as possible. Race times can be submitted by email to PBGP with photos of a stopwatch and/or a GPS trace if Juniors have watches and feel free to include photos of them at the locations or post them in here! Results will be compiled and published but there won’t be a full champs or prizes for this year.

If you’re interested, we could make a special 2020 t-shirt available to buy for those who complete all six activities.

27th July – 2nd August

3rd-9th August

10th-16th August

ORIENTEERING:- Towneley Park, Burnley- Alkincoats Park, Colne- Letcliffe Park, Barnoldswick

The orienteering courses have been designed by Pendle Forest Orienteers who are working with Pendle School Sports Partnership on the same principle to create a Virtual Orienteering Competition over the Summer. The activity is completed using a downloaded app and works incredibly well visiting points around the park in a set time. There’s course options of Short (usually around 2-3km) or Long (around 4-5km). Details are available on PFO’s website but will also be posted here.

More details of the races will be posted shortly along maps of the orienteering courses, guide to orienteering maps and Maprunf app.

This is not a clear replacement for the usual PBGP Junior Championships but something to keep us ticking over. Please bear in mind Parents/Guardians are responsible at all times as the PBGP or any of the Clubs are not present and do not hold any liability. All the events are designed to take place in open public spaces but as usual please be respectful of other park users and adhere to any Government guidelines regarding social distancing.

So let’s get back running, enjoy a bit of Summer whilst we can and hopefully we can be back to regular racing as soon as possible!

Please share within your groups and lets get as many of the Juniors involved as we can!

COVID-19 & PBGP 2020 Update 2

This Sunday would’ve seen the start of the 35th Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix at the 41st Hameldon Hill Fell Race.

After consultation with all the race organisers sadly we have to announce that this year’s event will not take place.

Following UKA and Government guidelines it is very unlikely that large groups will be allowed to meet for quite some time. We can all take a guess but at this time sadly it is unknown.

Depending on how things develop over the coming months we may be able to organise some type of one-off event so watch this space.

Sorry to bring such sad news but please keep doing the things you enjoy. Hopefully soon we will be allowed to run in small groups and enjoy meeting up with friends.

Until then please keep safe.

COVID-19 & PBGP 2020 Update 1

UKA (our governing body) have instructed that no races must be held before 31st May. Sadly this will impact the first four races.

At this time the plan is to still hold the event. It may be possible to add the races at the end but the longer this situation continues then fixture congestion will be a problem.

Sadly the 2020 event may have to be cancelled if things do not improve. Please help things get back to normal as quickly as possible by following Government guidelines.

Hopefully you can manage a solo run or with immediate family. Please heed the advice and help speed up the recovery process.

Take care of yourselves and your families.

Regards JR