Junior Grand Prix


The Pendle & Burnley Junior Grand Prix was established in 2016 and is developing from strength-to-strength.

For 2022, the Championship is based on a minimum of 5 of the races, regardless of the terrain discipline, with age categories following the UKA/FRA age groups. 

There will also be a Grand Prix Party & Presentation at the end of the Season.

Age Categories:

The age groups will be under 7s, 9s, 11s, 13s, 15s and 17s.

16+ may run in the Senior Championship races (except for Hendon Brook, Worsthorne and Boulsworth).  Please see the race details here

Any Senior race completions will not count towards Junior championship standings. 

The groups are based on age on December 31st 2021.  This means if you turn 9 halfway through the year you are in the under 11’s from the start of the Grand Prix. 

As a guide to age category, you can use the Junior’s year of birth: 

If in doubt, as always please ask the organiser on race day or contact us.

Handy hints for new runners and parents:-

1) Please turn up early and give yourselves at least 30mins before the start of the child’s race so they can safely get to the start.

2) Please fill out forms correctly and fully!

3) If you think you are going to be in a rush then download a form and fill it in before race day.