PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 Certificates

Hopefully as Juniors return to School, we return to a bit of normality and we’ll all soon see the return of Junior racing (maybe?).

A huge WELL DONE to you all who ran our Summer Series races.
Individual certificates for each Junior are available by clicking names below.

Eleanor Reeder, Trawden AC
Darcie Belshaw, Trawden AC
Millie Lee, Trawden AC
Emma Robertshaw, Trawden AC
Ruby Cleaver, Rossendale Harriers
Alice Carr, Rossendale Harriers
Summer Fitzpatrick, Barlick Fell Runners
Louise Lusty, Clayton-le-Moor Harriers
Kristel Lusty, Clayton-le-Moor Harriers
Jessica Gizon, Burnley AC
Charlotte Smith, Blackburn Harriers
Eliena Lusty, Clayton-le-Moor Harriers
Lottie Grace Smith, Clayton-le-Moor Harriers
Aggie Taylor, Trawden AC
Georgia Tregay, Burnley AC
Zoe Green, Burnley AC
Tamzin Osborne, Trawden AC
Isabelle Perry, Trawden AC
Charlotte Robertshaw, Trawden AC
Isabel Holt, Trawden AC
Sianna Smith, Clayton-le-Moor Harriers
Gemma Kenniford, Trawden AC
Erika Corns, Burnley AC
Isobel Beechey, Trawden AC
Leila Smithurst, Trawden AC
Eleanor Edwards, Clayton-le-Moor Harriers
Olivia Pease, Barlick Fell Runners
Abby Stratton, Blackburn Harriers
Jack Mitchell, Trawden AC
Saul Braithwaite, Trawden AC
Magnus Taylor, Trawden AC
Harry Roberts, Barlick Fell Runners
Noah Russell, Trawden AC
Toby Steel, Rossendale Harriers
Finn Tweed, Todmorden Harriers
Max Jordan, Trawden AC
Joshua Blackledge, Trawden AC
George Fitzpatrick, Barlick Fell Runners
Joel Fitzpatrick, Trawden AC
Will Pease, Barlick Fell Runners
Harry Jordan, Trawden AC
George Camara, Trawden AC
Charlie Reeder, Trawden AC
George Murphy, Burnley AC
Owen Edwards, Clayton-le-Moor Harriers
Matthew Smith, Blackburn Harriers
Stan Stephenson, Blackburn Harriers
Oliver Brown, Trawden AC
Tristan Fitzpatrick, Trawden AC
Ben Stratton, Trawden AC
Callum Osborne, Trawden AC
Caleb Tregay, Burnley AC
William Walker, Trawden AC
Connor Fitzpatrick, Barlick Fell Runners
Nathan Green, Burnley AC

A special mention to the three Boys who completed all the races Toby Steel of Rossendale Harriers, George Camara of Trawden AC and George Murphy of Burnley AC, who also completed both Short & Long of all the Orienteering courses too!

PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – Orienteering Results

Eleanor ReederGU9Trawden ACAlkincoats Short
Gemma KennifordGU15Trawden ACAlkincoats Short
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale HarriersAlkincoats Short00:41:15
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale HarriersLetclilffe Short00:15:01
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale HarriersTowneley Short00:33:30
George CamaraBU13Trawden ACAlkincoats Short00:12:32
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACAlkincoats Short00:35:04
Charlie ReederBU13Trawden ACAlkincoats Short
George CamaraBU13Trawden ACLetclilffe Short00:05:19
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACLetclilffe Short00:08:25
George CamaraBU13Trawden ACTowneley Short00:17:34
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACTowneley Short00:23:56
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACAlkincoats Long01:13:43
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACLetclilffe Long00:19:18
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACTowneley Long00:57:32

PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – Greenway Results

Eleanor ReederGU9Trawden AC00:04:55
Millie LeeGU9Trawden AC00:05:47
Emma RobertshawGU11Trawden AC00:08:09
Ruby CleaverGU11Rossendale Harriers00:09:16
Charlotte SmithGU11Blackburn Harriers00:09:27
Jessica GizonGU11Burnley AC00:09:35
Alice CarrGU11Rossendale Harriers00:09:38
Louise LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:10:57
Kristel LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:11:02
Lottie Grace SmithGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:07:51
Eliena LustyGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:08:13
Aggie TaylorGU13Trawden AC00:08:31
Issy PerryGU13Trawden AC00:08:40
Georgia TregayGU13Burnley AC00:08:47
Zoe GreenGU13Burnley AC00:09:08
Tamzin OsborneGU13Trawden AC00:09:23
Sianna SmithGU15Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:15:35
Isabel HoltGU15Trawden AC00:16:06
Gemma KennifordGU15Trawden AC00:19:54
Erika CornsGU15Burnley AC00:21:27
Abby StrattonGU17Blackburn Harriers00:15:02
Jack MitchellBU9Trawden AC00:04:27
Saul BraithwaiteBU9Trawden AC00:04:49
Magnus TaylorBU9Trawden AC00:06:34
Noah RussellBU11Trawden AC00:09:04
Joshua BlackledgeBU11Trawden AC00:11:17
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale Harriers00:11:54
Max JordanBU11Trawden AC00:12:21
Matthew SmithBU13Blackburn Harriers00:07:08
Oliver BrownBU13Blackburn Harriers00:07:11
Joel FitzpatrickBU13Trawden AC00:07:57
George FitzpatrickBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:08:06
George CamaraBU13Trawden AC00:08:14
Will PeaseBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:08:14
Harry JordanBU13Trawden AC00:08:43
Charlie ReederBU13Trawden AC00:09:50
George MurphyBU13Burnley AC00:12:02
William WalkerBU15Trawden AC00:14:05
Stan StephensonBU15Blackburn Harriers00:14:11
Tristan FitzpatrickBU15Trawden AC00:15:29
Callum OsborneBU15Trawden AC00:18:10
Caleb TregayBU15Burnley AC00:18:32
Nathan GreenBU17Burnley AC00:16:55

PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – Trawden Results

Millie LeeGU9Trawden AC00:04:12
Eleanor ReederGU9Trawden AC00:04:14
Emma RobertshawGU11Trawden AC00:06:25
Ruby CleaverGU11Rossendale Harriers00:07:07
Alice CarrGU11Rossendale Harriers00:07:26
Jessica GizonGU11Burnley AC00:08:15
Summer FitzpatrickGU11Barlick Fell Runners00:08:20
Louise LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:08:56
Kristel LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:09:11
Eliena LustyGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:06:24
Isabelle PerryGU13Trawden AC00:06:32
Lottie Grace SmithGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:06:33
Aggie TaylorGU13Trawden AC00:06:37
Tamzin OsborneGU13Trawden AC00:07:30
Georgia TregayGU13Burnley AC00:08:06
Zoe GreenGU13Burnley AC00:08:24
Isabel HoltGU15Trawden AC00:15:55
Sianna SmithGU15Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:16:05
Charlotte RobertshawGU15Trawden AC00:16:17
Isobel BeecheyGU15Trawden AC00:17:42
Leila SmithurstGU15Trawden AC00:17:42
Eleanor EdwardsGU15Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:19:40
Olivia PeaseGU15Barlick Fell Runners00:20:58
Erika CornsGU15Burnley AC00:21:35
Gemma KennifordGU15Trawden AC00:24:03
Jack MitchellBU9Trawden AC00:03:17
Saul BraithwaiteBU9Trawden AC00:03:54
Magnus Taylor BU9 Trawden AC 00:04:36
Harry RobertsBU11Barlick Fell Runners00:06:15
Noah RussellBU11Trawden AC00:07:26
Joshua BlackledgeBU11Trawden AC00:09:00
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale Harriers00:09:07
Finn TweedBU11Todmorden Harriers00:09:49
Max JordanBU11Trawden AC00:10:23
Oliver BrownBU13Trawden AC00:06:00
Will PeaseBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:06:12
George FitzpatrickBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:06:25
Joel FitzpatrickBU13Trawden AC00:06:29
George CamaraBU13Trawden AC00:06:35
Harry JordanBU13Trawden AC00:06:52
Charlie ReederBU13Trawden AC00:07:38
Owen EdwardsBU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:08:14
George MurphyBU13Burnley AC00:08:27
Stan StephensonBU15Blackburn Harriers00:15:30
Tristan FitzpatrickBU15Trawden AC00:16:38
Caleb TregayBU15Burnley AC00:19:25
Callum OsborneBU15Trawden AC00:20:57
Connor FitzpatrickBU17Barlick Fell Runners00:16:47
Nathan GreenBU17Burnley AC00:18:13

PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – Towneley Results

Eleanor ReederGU9Trawden AC00:03:57
Darcie BelshawGU9Trawden AC00:03:59
Millie LeeGU9Trawden AC00:04:25
Emma RobertshawGU11Trawden AC00:08:25
Ruby CleaverGU11Rossendale Harriers00:09:12
Alice CarrGU11Rossendale Harriers00:09:42
Summer FitzpatrickGU11Barlick Fell Runners00:09:57
Louise LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:11:23
Kristel LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:12:00
Jessica GizonGU11Burnley AC
Eliena LustyGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:08:11
Lottie Grace SmithGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:08:16
Aggie TaylorGU13Trawden AC00:08:22
Georgia TregayGU13Burnley AC00:09:20
Zoe GreenGU13Burnley AC00:09:28
Tamzin OsborneGU13Trawden AC00:10:19
Charlotte RobertshawGU15Trawden AC00:14:29
Isabel HoltGU15Trawden AC00:15:00
Sianna SmithGU15Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:15:01
Gemma KennifordGU15Trawden AC00:19:02
Erika CornsGU15Burnley AC00:19:11
Abby StrattonGU17Blackburn Harriers00:13:52
Jack MitchellBU9Trawden AC00:03:33
Saul BraithwaiteBU9Trawden AC00:03:53
Magnus TaylorBU9Trawden AC00:04:55
Harry RobertsBU11Barlick Fell Runners00:08:03
Noah RussellBU11Trawden AC00:09:35
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale Harriers00:10:50
Finn TweedBU11Todmorden Harriers00:11:03
Max JordanBU11Trawden AC00:11:06
Joshua BlackledgeBU11Trawden AC00:11:18
George FitzpatrickBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:07:55
Joel FitzpatrickBU13Trawden AC00:07:57
Will PeaseBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:08:00
Harry JordanBU13Trawden AC00:08:39
George CamaraBU13Trawden AC00:09:02
Charlie ReederBU13Trawden AC00:09:50
George MurphyBU13Burnley AC00:09:52
Stan StephensonBU15Blackburn Harriers00:13:25
Oliver BrownBU15Trawden AC00:14:01
Tristan FitzpatrickBU15Trawden AC00:14:51
Ben StrattonBU15Trawden AC00:15:02
Callum OsborneBU15Trawden AC00:16:48
Caleb TregayBU15Burnley AC00:17:00
Connor FitzpatrickBU17Barlick Fell Runners00:16:07
Nathan GreenBU17Burnley AC00:16:09