Standings – Junior Grand Prix 2019 – Round 9

Here are the final Junior standings after Round 9, Boulsworth Fell Races:

PBGP 2019 – Girls Standings Final Round 9

PBGP 2019 – Boys Standings Final Round 9

Compiled and thanks to Jason Pier

Congratulations to our Winners!

Junior Party & Awards Presentation is this coming Saturday and an opportunity for the Juniors to collect trophies or have fun with their fellow runners!

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Standings – Senior Grand Prix 2019 – Round 14

Here are the final Senior standings after Round 14, Boulsworth Fell Race:

PBGP 2019 – Mens Standings Final Round 14

PBGP 2019 – Womens Standings Final Round 14

Congratulations to our Winners!

Compiled and many thanks to Barry Brock

Presentation Night is this coming Friday and an opportunity to collect trophies or have a beer with your fellow runners!

Boulsworth Fell Races 2019 Results

Results from today’s Boulsworth Fell Races 2019, courtesy of Trawden AC:

Seniors :

Junior Race 1 – U7-U9s :
Junior Race 2 – U11-U13s :
Junior Race 3 – U15-U17s :

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Photo David Belshaw

Race Report : WWHR – The Hometown Show

Like a touring rock band, the swaggering, swearing louts of Worsthorne With Hurstwood Runners had to face a sobering Grand Prix reality on Sunday: The Hometown Show.

Despite the impressive number of runners standing on the brink of a debut grand slam, Worsthorne Moor was where it all began for our little club. We know every nook and cranny of the race route and regularly enjoy a good club run up there.

Not that this insider knowledge softens the blow of the climbs though. They never get easier, we just get quicker. Or so JR says. That rocky ascent after Gorple Road is a killer in most weathers and if there’s a cruel wind blowing from the hills then you’ve had it.

A bit of breeze would have been welcome on Sunday though as temperatures in the parish reached boiling point (OK… 20 degrees). The only plus point pre-race was the fact that our pals Clayton Harriers were organising proceedings and we didn’t have to lift a finger.

Pacing is key on the Worsthorne 7 and the runners who were quick out of the traps would soon be caught in a climb’s time. Another tip, useless, I know, until next season, is to hug the grassy bits of the climbs where possible. In trail shoes those stretches are preferable to the uneven rockiness of the main path. But enough about geology.
Come the finish we learnt that, in a club first, one of our runners had won a prize.

Victoria Ridge, a smart young lady from the wrong side of the Pennines scooped second in the V35 category and a bottle of wine for her troubles. Sitting pretty in 11th, Vicky is knocking on the door of the top ten going into Sunday’s grand finale.

V for Victoria, indeed.

We are so proud of her, not least for condoning the wayward choice of running shorts sported by her husband Matt, one of our fastest male runners. With his trim physique and excellent running style Matt looks every inch the superstar athlete until you get to the waist. Swimming shorts, army shorts, you name it, he’s worn it.

So after a few pints on Sunday, Matt decided to designate Boulsworth funky shorts day. If you feel inclined, wear your loudest shorts with pride… or edge away from the Weirdos from Worsthorne.

I’m signing off now to Google a fetching luminous man-kini.

See you Sunday… it’s been emotional.

– Worsthorne With Hurstwood Runners