PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – Orienteering Results

Eleanor ReederGU9Trawden ACAlkincoats Short
Gemma KennifordGU15Trawden ACAlkincoats Short
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale HarriersAlkincoats Short00:41:15
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale HarriersLetclilffe Short00:15:01
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale HarriersTowneley Short00:33:30
George CamaraBU13Trawden ACAlkincoats Short00:12:32
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACAlkincoats Short00:35:04
Charlie ReederBU13Trawden ACAlkincoats Short
George CamaraBU13Trawden ACLetclilffe Short00:05:19
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACLetclilffe Short00:08:25
George CamaraBU13Trawden ACTowneley Short00:17:34
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACTowneley Short00:23:56
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACAlkincoats Long01:13:43
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACLetclilffe Long00:19:18
George MurphyBU13Burnley ACTowneley Long00:57:32

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