PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – Greenway Results

Eleanor ReederGU9Trawden AC00:04:55
Millie LeeGU9Trawden AC00:05:47
Emma RobertshawGU11Trawden AC00:08:09
Ruby CleaverGU11Rossendale Harriers00:09:16
Charlotte SmithGU11Blackburn Harriers00:09:27
Jessica GizonGU11Burnley AC00:09:35
Alice CarrGU11Rossendale Harriers00:09:38
Louise LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:10:57
Kristel LustyGU11Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:11:02
Lottie Grace SmithGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:07:51
Eliena LustyGU13Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:08:13
Aggie TaylorGU13Trawden AC00:08:31
Issy PerryGU13Trawden AC00:08:40
Georgia TregayGU13Burnley AC00:08:47
Zoe GreenGU13Burnley AC00:09:08
Tamzin OsborneGU13Trawden AC00:09:23
Sianna SmithGU15Clayton-le-Moor Harriers00:15:35
Isabel HoltGU15Trawden AC00:16:06
Gemma KennifordGU15Trawden AC00:19:54
Erika CornsGU15Burnley AC00:21:27
Abby StrattonGU17Blackburn Harriers00:15:02
Jack MitchellBU9Trawden AC00:04:27
Saul BraithwaiteBU9Trawden AC00:04:49
Magnus TaylorBU9Trawden AC00:06:34
Noah RussellBU11Trawden AC00:09:04
Joshua BlackledgeBU11Trawden AC00:11:17
Toby SteelBU11Rossendale Harriers00:11:54
Max JordanBU11Trawden AC00:12:21
Matthew SmithBU13Blackburn Harriers00:07:08
Oliver BrownBU13Blackburn Harriers00:07:11
Joel FitzpatrickBU13Trawden AC00:07:57
George FitzpatrickBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:08:06
George CamaraBU13Trawden AC00:08:14
Will PeaseBU13Barlick Fell Runners00:08:14
Harry JordanBU13Trawden AC00:08:43
Charlie ReederBU13Trawden AC00:09:50
George MurphyBU13Burnley AC00:12:02
William WalkerBU15Trawden AC00:14:05
Stan StephensonBU15Blackburn Harriers00:14:11
Tristan FitzpatrickBU15Trawden AC00:15:29
Callum OsborneBU15Trawden AC00:18:10
Caleb TregayBU15Burnley AC00:18:32
Nathan GreenBU17Burnley AC00:16:55

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