PBGP Juniors Summer 2020 – RACE 2

Now you’re off to a start, the second race in the PBGP Junior Summer Series 2020 is TRAWDEN!!

With many private fields around the Recreation Ground that we get special permissions to use, this one will stick to the Rec field. All start and finish near to the Rec Pavilion, sticking as far right and to the walls as possible.

U7s & U9s – you are doing ONE lap of the Rec field 0.8k

U11s & U13s – you are doing TWO laps of the Rec field 1.6k

U15s & U17s – you get the short straw…. FIVE laps of the Rec field 4k – don’t lose count!!

Categories are based on age at 31st Dec 2020, a guide is attached to work out from date of birth

Racing starts MONDAY 3rd AUGUST and ends SUNDAY 9th AUG.
Once done, email us at info@pbgp.co.uk with

  • your Juniors name and category
  • a photo of stopwatch or a link/screenshot of Strava/Garmin or other
  • any photos of your Junior running you’d like to share… Club vests very welcome!

Any queries please get in touch with us….. Enjoy!

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